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Welcome to MyEmployment

Employment and income verifications are an important and necessary process that helps people to apply for credit, qualify for employment, get insurance policies, apply for government programs, and more. Yet the information contained within employment histories is sensitive, private, and must be protected from unauthorized access.

That's why MyEmployment by Pre-Employ delivers superior customer support for everyone involved:

  • Employers wanting to protect their employees.

  • Verifiers needing access to employment information.

  • Employees concerned with privacy and security.

MyEmployment are experts at protecting sensitive information and managing secure access. We process employment verifications for employers and ensure access by verifiers meets strict requirements for permissible use and is authorized by the employee. Plus, our staff is 100% U.S. based and we never package and resell employment information to ensure the highest levels of privacy and protection.

Automate the processing of employee-initiated requests to share information with lenders, potential employers, and government agencies with MyEmployment.




Manage access to your private employment information and protect yourself against potential fraud, identity theft, and other risks. If your employer is not using MyEmployment, you can help them to understand the benefits.

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Get instant access to the information you need to perform timely and accurate employment verifications. Employers use their actual payroll data to update MyEmployment on a regular basis to ensure accuracy.

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Verification of Employment (VOE) requests are common, but responding consumes your valuable resources and creates potential liability. MyEmployment responds to VOE requests on your behalf to reduce cost and mitigate risk

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